Adoption Questionnaire & Application

If you are interested in adopting any of our available dalmatians, please download and complete the attached questionnaire and email it to

Adopted Dogs


Status: ✔ Adopted

I’m Devy, I’m a Dalmatian, and I’m currently living in SoCal.  I’m under 2 years old, and deaf, but I am learning modified sign language.  I was a bit skittish of people when I first got here, but now I’m pretty cool with everyone.  I get along with other dogs (Stoney is my best friend here in boarding), and I like cats, too.


Status: ✔ Adopted

Hey y’all, I’m Pinto and I am a Dal-Lab mix. I’m about 2 years old and currently live in California.  My foster mom is awesome but she can’t keep me forever. She tells people that I’m calm and refined, house-broken, and like to play in the yard with my foster siblings. I’ll tell you that I’m very chill, and my German Shepherd siblings are a bit too rambunctious for me, but because I’m smart, I’ve figured out that I just move out of their way, and sometimes I duck. You can take the dog out of the city, but you can’t take the city out of the dog! So, if you would like to find out more about me, please let the folks at Save the Dals know.


Status: ✔ Adopted

Hello!  I’m Daisy from Ohio! I’m a 7 year old Dalmatian. I’m housetrained and up to date on all my vaccinations. I’m deaf, but that’s okay because it means I don’t have to listen to my friends barking.  I get along with other dogs, but I tend to be defensive on a leash. Sometimes dogs can startle me as I don’t hear them approaching, so I’ll need a little adjustment time with a nice, caring family, who will make accommodations for my deafness.  If you’d like to meet me, please let the folks at Save the Dals know, by completing the adoption or fostering questionnaire at, or sending them an e-mail at 


Status: ✔ Adopted

I’m Meatloaf and I’m about a year old.  My brother and I were dumped, so the shelter folks took us in, and we became part of Save the Dals and Others Canine Rescue (we are representing the “others” for them).  We like other dogs, and love people.  We are currently in SoCal.


Status: ✔ Adopted

I’m Harry, I’m an English Bulldog, and I’m about a year old.  My brother and I were dumped, so the shelter folks took us in, and we became part of Save the Dals and Others Canine Rescue (we are representing the “others” for them).  We like other dogs, and love people.  We are currently in SoCal.

Miss Marple

Status: ✔ Adopted

Hi! I’m Miss Marple –yes,  just like the sleuth.  I’m 14Ibs which is incredible given how much I eat. I love food, so it must be all the energy I have. I have zoomies all the time, and I’m constantly chasing my tail. It’s so fun to play. I love playing. I even wag my tail in my sleep sometimes. I also love cuddles.


Status: ✔ Adopted

Meet Cody. Save the Dalmatians newest rescue. He is 5 years old, microchipped, vaccinated and neutered. His foster mom picked him up from the shelter a week ago. Here is what she says about Cody.

From foster mom – “I am in love and totally smitten by Cody from day one. He has the most delightful personality. If I could add another dog I would adopt him in a heartbeat. He is house and obedience trained (sit, lay, stay, come). It is evident Cody has had some leash training, on occassion he will heel and match my pace. Other times he pulls but not excessively.

His favorite thing in the world is to lay besides me for belly rubs and cuddle time. He is also playful with toys.
It is apparent that Cody was well loved and cared for in his previous home. He has a beautiful coat, no sores or calluses, he is healthy with just normal mild teeth tarter for a 5 year old. Cody takes treats gently, no food aggression with people. I would describe him as a lower energy easy going dalmatian, that would be perfectly content to have a couple of walks per day, a home that provides fun toys and spends some quality play time with him. He is definitely a velcro dog, wherever you are you will find Cody. If you are ever looking in rooms to find him, look down instead. He will quietly be right by your side or behind you.

In my opinion he is on the small side of the breed, but that is coming from someone who has a dalmatian that people mistake as part great dane. Cody is not destructive. He has shown some traits of guarding and protectiveness of me and based on the shelter records, Cody’s ideal home would have no children under the age of 18. The history that his prior owner left with the shelter leads me to believe he is wary of strangers and he should be kept safe from new people coming into his home and yard. His former owner notes are contradictory as to how he is with other dogs. From my experience with him Cody’s preference would be that he is the only dog in the home to be doted upon, loved and cherished, and kept safe from strangers that could possibly result in a negative interaction. Unknown how he is with cats. He gets a bit nervous over fast unexpected movement and high pitched sounds. Therefore to be on the safe side I would limit and supervise interaction with children and strangers visiting his home, and ensure a calm quiet introduction.

I adore Cody and wish his forever home could be mine. In my opinion he is sheer perfection. I would like to see him go to a home that would like a mildly energetic, playful, and loving indoor companion dog that simply needs a couple of walks per day. A home with a quiet low energy environment that does not have people coming and going. A home that will love and cherish him forever. I will miss the little munchkin, he is a gem with a darling personality.”

If you are interested in potentially adopting Cody go to Save the Dals website ( to complete an application and email it back to


Status: ✔ Adopted

Hi! My name is Emma and I’m about 2 years old and a petite Dal who gets along well with other dogs.  I’m located in the San Diego-area looking for my furever home and life-long human companion! If you would like more information about me, please reach out to the nice people at Save the Dals (


Status: ✔ Adopted

Hi I’m Rambo. I live in NY and I’m 10 years old and weigh 65ibs. My owner can’t keep me any longer and I urgently need a temporary foster or adopter. No rescues in NY can take me in and the shelters say they’ll take me but they’ll euthanize me. Please help me. I just need to be safe while the folks and Save the Dals figure it all out. 


Status: ✔ Adopted

My name is Gwen, and I’m about 6 years old.  I was taken in by Animal Control in Texas for not being cared for, along with my two puppies.  I’m a Doberman, but I (thankfully) don’t have cropped ears or tail).  The nice people at a rescue in Texas worked with Save the Dals to get us healthy, and we are now ready for adoption.  The vet’s office where we have been living for the last few months says we are all sweet as can be, with great temperament, and they have enjoyed boarding us.  We are currently still in Texas, but will be moved to California, soon, then maybe on up to Washington.  If you would like more info on us, please contact Save the Dals at


Status: ✔ Adopted

My name is Heidi, and I’m about 2 years old.  I was taken in by Animal Control in Texas for not being cared for, along with my mom and brother.  I’m a Doberman, but I (thankfully) don’t have cropped ears or tail).  The nice people at a rescue in Texas worked with Save the Dals to get us healthy, and we are now ready for adoption.  The vet’s office where we have been living for the last few months says we are all sweet as can be, with great temperament, and they have enjoyed boarding us.  We are currently still in Texas, but will be moved to California, soon, then maybe on up to Washington.  If you would like more info on us, please contact Save the Dals at


Status: ✔ Adopted

My name is Mick, and I live in Connecticut. Sadly, my dad is having health issues, and can no longer care for me. I’m 7 years old, and I get along with other dogs, cats, and kids of all ages. I’m house-trained and
very well-mannered. I love to snuggle, but also love to chase balls, go for a swim, and play. So, if you have room in your family, please give the people at Save the Dals a jingle, or drop them a note at


Status: ✔ Adopted

I’m Oliver, I’m 8 years old but I have the energy of a puppy. I’m currently living in foster care in Northern Virginia with an amazing family who takes me on road trips, let me fall asleep on them, and generally give me the best life. Sadly I can’t stay with them forever and I need to find me forever home and make my way in life. So here’s what you need to know about me.

Age is just a number. I  have so much energy that I tire my much younger foster brother out. I am very goofy and I’m a Velcro dog. I like having doggie siblings but they need to be chill and laid back and let me be the center of attention. I need to make my humans laugh more than them. Because I like to play a lot… I’m probably better in a house with teenagers. I’m currently living in Great Falls and would love to meet anybody who would like to find out more about me.


Status: ✔ Adopted

I’m Bizmo! I got my name from a caring man who saw me get dumped in Texas, so he took me in. He had a Dalmatian as a kid, so he called Save the Dals and asked if they would take me. They moved me to
California, where I had surgery on my hip in November (I’m now fully recovered). I’ve also had all of my vaccinations, I’ve been microchipped, and neutered. I’m about a year old, and I love people, other dogs,
everyone! I’m full of energy, so the kind people at Save the Dals are sending me to a trainer so that I can polish my manners. I’m going to be located in San Diego for all of that, then I’m ready to move to wherever a loving family is located. If you are interested in more info about me, or to meet me, please
contact Save the Dals at


Status: ✔ Adopted

Daisy is a petite Dal girl and just over a year old.  She came to us after having lived outside much of her life.  We sent Daisy to one of our trainers, and she has made wonderful progress.  Daisy gets along well with all other dogs, is affectionate and sweet.  Daisy is located in the San Diego-area. 


Status: ✔ Adopted

Hello, I’m Pongs.  I’m 1 year old Dal living in Central TX until Save the Dals can relocate me to California. I confided in my foster mom that I’m a bit worried that I won’t get adopted and what can I do to make myself stand out from all the other doggies in need of a home. She just smiled at me and said, “Pongs you are still a puppy, you don’t have a mean bone in you, you are an open book, you play well with other dogs, and you’re a fast learner. You will find a good home.” So, that was nice to hear, but I asked her where I could improve. She said I could use a bit of training and help me understand boundaries a bit better. She said she’d help me. So, if you would like to find out more about me, please let the folks at Save the Dals know. 


Status: ✔ Adopted

Hey everyone, I’m Ruby and I’m a 1 y-o English Mastiff. I live in San Diego and am looking for a nice, loving, and fun forever home because I’m a big, goofy girl that likes to play.  My friends say I’m a gentle giant – sweet, loving, but in need of some training – that’s okay, I’ll work hard with the trainer.  I like dogs of all sizes and play very well with them. So, if you would like to find out more about me, please let the folks at Save the Dals know. 


Status: ✔ Adopted 

I’m Spot (I know, typical Dalmatian name), but I’m only 8 months old, so I’m good if you change my name.  I am currently living near Austin, Texas.  A kind family took me in when my original people decided they couldn’t keep me.  I get along with some other dogs, and I love my cat friend here.  Unfortunately, over the last few months, I’ve started not getting along with the other male dogs in the house.  My family recently got me neutered to see if it might help, but they also had a family emergency of their own, and now have some other family dogs living with us.  So, it is best I find another home with less dogs that I feel more comfortable in.  If you are interested in finding out more about me, please contact the kind people at Save the Dals (

Diamond & Bella

Status: ✔ Adopted 

Diamond (1.5 years old) and Bella (3 years old) are English Bulldogs in SoCal.  They are a bonded pair that came to us after their owner could no longer care for them.  They had a lot of medical needs, and are now on the road to recovery.  Those medical issues did include Diamond’s ears being permanently deformed due to earmites and infection, and Bella having a jaw issue.  Regardless of all they have been through, the vet staff says they are very loving with both people and each other.


Status: ✔ Adopted 

 Hey dudes and dudettes! I’m Manny and I’m a Dal-Griffon-Schnauzer mix, neutered, and about 1-year-old. I was hit by a car and my back feet were badly injured, but not broken so I underwent rehab and was fostered in Mexico before moving to San Diego. I’m playing well with cats and EXTREMELY well with dogs here, but I’d like to find a permanent home where I can become part of the family and hang out with you all. I’m told I’m a Velcro dog so I need a person to follow around. 


Status: ✔ Adopted 

Hey folks, I’m Marchall a 2 year old boy. I’m a smaller Dal at around 40lbs. I quite like being a bit different and I’m told that some of the best gifts come in small packages… I’m currently living in Arizona where I’m receiving training. My new friends here will tell you that I take a bit to warm up to people, but once you are in my inner circle, I’m your for life.  I do need an experienced dog person, though, as I was raised outside, only, with little socialization.  Now, though, I’m digging being in the house.  I was raised with a small dog, and I’m enjoying becoming socialized with big dogs, too. If you’d like a small gift with a big heart, please let Save the Dals know that you’d like to meet me. Have a lovely day.


Status: ✔ Adopted

This approx. 6 y-o Dalmatian is located in Illinois, but we are working to get him moved.  He is loving and sweet, and gets along well with children, but Heisenberg is a bit protective but he is good with other dogs after proper introductions.  If you are interested in this wonderful pup, please submit a foster/adoption questionnaire.


Status: ✔ Adopted

HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I’m Nami. I’m an 11 month-old Dalmatian-Heeler mix living in San Diego! I’m still a young pup; full of energy and I love to play.  I get along with other dogs, especially if they like to play, but I am too rough with cats, or small children.  I need a loving home that can keep up with me and love me, and someone who wants to work with me on my training. Let’s meet soon!


Status: ✔ Adopted

Hi, my name is Baelle and I’m about 8 months old. My friends at Save the Dals just pulled me from the shelter and got me spayed. It’s been a long few days, but I’m now in San Diego and safe . In my short life I’ve been severely neglected. I’m deaf and people have not been kind to me. Considering my rocky start in life I am very sweet natured, good with other dogs of all sizes but I do see myself as the alpha. I would love to find my forever home with nice, kind people who understand my disability. Being deaf doesn’t prevent me from playing, receiving belly rubs and generally enjoying life. If you’d like to meet me or find out more about me, please contact Save the Dals.


Status: ✔ Adopted

I am Oreo, and my age is between 2 and 3. Another wonderful rescue got me out of an abusive situation, and over to my peeps at Save the Dals. I get along with pretty much everyone, big and small. I came in terribly underweight, but I am gaining it back, now. Too, I do have some leg issues due to the abuse, which cause me to walk with a different gait. However, it doesn’t slow me down a bit!


Status: ✔ Adopted

Jake is a 1 y-o very calm and refined boy who came to us from Texas, and is now spending time with lots of other dogs in San Diego.  Jake is a Dal-Lab mix who walks beautiful on the leash and is crate trained.  He gets along well with other dogs, but hasn’t spent any time with cats or kids.


Status: ✔ Adopted

They call me Joyous Joy because I’m a playful, sweet, and happy Lhasa Opso-mix currently in San Diego. I’m around 1 year old but I may be a bit older, or maybe even a bit younger but if you adopt me, you can decide my age and choose my birthday!  I’m cool with that. I know I get along with other dogs. Not sure about cats and children. I do need some training but I’m a fast learner. You can contact me via the lovely folks at Save the Dals.


Status: ✔ Adopted

Apollo is a gorgeous, 4 year-old boy who just arrived in San Diego. He is good with children and other dogs, but is unknown with cats.

Gabby and Ruffy

Status: ✔ Adopted

Gabby and Ruffy are a bonded pair of seniors whose owner couldn’t care for them, anymore, so they were left at the shelter. We pulled them to get them much needed medical care, and some comfort and love in their later years.  We would make them permanent fosters so that we continue to help with their medical needs at this late stage in their lives.  If you would like to take in this wonderful pair of seniors, please submit a foster/adoption questionnaire


Status: ✔ Adopted

Hi everyone! I’m India. I’m an Anatolian Shepherd-mix and weigh just 60ibs (that’s the mix in me). I would describe myself as a bit shy but sweet natured. Some people tell me I’m gorgeous and a good girl, which I like to hear because I have some trust issues and I need to know I am safe and loved. I left the shelter recently as I wasn’t happy there; I felt very nervous. Now I’m out, I’m gaining back all my confidence and I just need a forever home where I can be part of a family.  If you’d like to meet me or find out more about me, please contact the lovely people at Save the Dals. They’ll be able to tell you if I like cats, dogs, children and other fun facts that they’re currently discovering about me.

**Can be transported to other places here in California**


Status: ✔ Adopted

URGENT PLEA FROM POLAR: Hi, this is Polar again.  I’m desperate now.  I now urgently need a FOSTER to look after me as I have to leave my current boarding place, right away.  I’m 2 years old, neutered and up to date with all my vaccinations.  I’m house-trained, well behaved, polite, and get along with some other dogs.  I don’t understand why I can’t find a home.  Can you foster me?  If so, please contact the kind people at  Save the Dals.

Hi, I’m Polar (like the bear…): I’m 2 years old, neutered and up to date with all my vaccinations. I’m house-trained, well behaved, had professional training, polite, and my foster family say I’m incredibly intelligent. That means I’m smart, polite, and cute! So I don’t understand why I was just dumped at a shelter and left there. However, I need to move on now and find a loving furever home.  I know I’m good with most other dogs, but I’m not sure about cats and children because I don’t think I’ve met any, so I’d have to be tested for that. If you’d like to find out more about me and consider giving me a permanent home, then contact the kind people at Save the Dals.

**Can be transported to other places here in California**


Status: ✔ Adopted

Hi, I’m Casper. I’m 2 to 3 y-o. Neutered, current on all my vaccinations. 

In my current home (a sanctuary) I was a bit timid and scared at first, but I’ve gained a lot of confidence and have made lots of friends. It’s amazing how hooman love and kindness can make a BIG difference to my trust. My foster mom says ‘He is a beautiful, calm, boy, and acts like he’s been in a home before and lived inside.  He is house-trained, and used the dog door from day one.” I’d love to meet anyone who would like to take care of me and welcome me in to their family.  


Status: ✔ Adopted

Hi there! My name is Bruce! Short for Bruce Banner aka The Hulk.

I am estimated to be 16 months old I am currently looking for my forever home! My foster dad found me at his farm as a stray, tangled in netting with BB injuries on my head and shoulders, and one embedded in my chest. He brought me home so I could be somewhere safe since the local shelter would only give me a short amount of time to find my owners.

I am neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, and had the BB removed from my chest.

I would love to be a part of a family where I can snuggle with my humans, take over the couch, and truly embrace being a spoiled boy.  I am great with kids, showing zero aggression, wanting nothing more than to please them, and to be by their side.  My foster mom thinks I am super smart and says I am highly trainable. I learned sit in less than a day! Currently, I am working on stay, lay down, and touch. For walks, I wear a Martingale collar to help teach me not to pull and to walk calmly.

Some of my favorite things are my blankets and big dog bed. So much that I will carry them in my mouth wherever I go, so I always have a soft place to lay. I also get very excited to wear my jammies on cooler nights. I also like to wear my jammies when I’m scared, especially during the fireworks. I guess you could say, I’m kind of a big baby. I’m still learning about toys, but I do know one thing, the soft ones are so much fun to destroy!

I hope this helps you get to know me a little bit, and I’m looking forward to meeting my furever family!

Love, Bruce


Status: ✔ Adopted

Maxwell is an almost 2 y-o male Dalmatian currently located in San Diego, but can be transported. Maxwell came to us from a neglect situation, where he had lived outside his entire life, much of it in a small cage.  Despite this, Maxwell is sweet and loving and just wants to be around people.  He gets along well with other dogs (large and small).  He has not been tested with cats or children, yet.  He is in leash and potty training.


Status: ✔ Adopted

Albert is 9-10 years old and weighs 14 lbs. He is blind but we think he does see shadows a bit. However, being blind does not stop this little guy. He even manages to go up and down stairs once he learns his way around. Albert is housebroken and has learned to use a doggy door. He is a very smart dog! He gets along great with other dogs. Albert is such a sweet boy. If you have room in your heart for a special needs dog, please come and meet Albert.  Albert is friendly, affectionate, gentle, loves kisses, quiet, brave, smart, has a long coat, is house-trained, and is up to date on vaccinations, is neutered, and is special needs.  Albert also gets along with other dogs


Status: ✔ Adopted

Dice is a happy and wonderful Dal boy in Illinois whose family lost their home.  He is approx. 4 y-o, and is happy, gets along with other dogs (big and small), and children.    We are working with Dal Rescue of Colorado on his transport and foster, so if you can assist, please submit a foster/adoption questionnaire.


Status: ✔ Adopted

Pong is a gorgeous boy in Utah, and we worked with Dal Rescue of Colorado on gaining his release from the shelter, and his vetting.  He is now being treated for a UTI, and is ready to be adopted.  If you can foster or adopt, please submit a foster/adoption questionnaire, and we can figure out transport.


Status: ✔ Adopted

Woody is a Dachshund & Chihuahua Mix, he is 3 years old and weighs 10 pounds. He is a quiet little guy and can be a little bit shy when he first meets new people. Once he gets to know someone his true happy personality comes through and he really does love people. Woody would probably do best in an adult only home or a home with older children as young children might be a bit overwhelming for him. He was abandoned out in the country, and he is looking for a new home with a new family that will love him forever.  Woody is friendly, gentle, quiet, affectionate, has a short coat, is up to date on his vaccinations, is neutered, and gets along with other dogs.

Emily Rose

Status: ✔ Adopted

Hi! I’m Emily Rose! I’m a wonderful little 20 month-old girl.  I was dumped for chasing cats and chickens. I swear it’s not my fault! I can’t help myself, they’re just so darn cute and fun to chase!  I do have some separation anxiety, so I cry at night, though I am getting a little better now that I’m seeing a routine and consistency.  I was with the same family since I was a little pup.  I keep to myself mostly but I respects other dogs. I am house trained, and I do well in a car.  I’m also well-mannered in public.

Heartworm negative, current on vaccinations, spayed, and microchipped.

Fozzi & PK

Status: ✔ Adopted

Hi I’m PK. I’m the extremely handsome 9 year old Dalmatian in the picture. The good-looking dude next to me is my “brother from another mother” and my best friend, Fozzi. He’s a Ridgeback-mix and 10 years old. We love walks and we get along with small dogs, and have been around other large dogs. We are both up to date on all our vaccinations and we’re in great shape. We’re a dynamic duo!
We do have a problem though and we hope you can help us solve it. Our hooman sadly passed away from cancer and now we urgently need to find a new home because we can’t stay in our temporary housing for much longer. Losing our hooman was heartbreaking but we are coping okay because we have each other. We can’t be separated now. We’ve been through too much! We really are besties and forcing us apart will crush us. We just want to spend our golden years together in a home full of love and fun. I know we sound desperate, because we are!! Please can you help us find a home, either with a foster or an adopter?. If so, please visit and fill out a foster/adoption application and submit it.


Status: ✔ Adopted 

Hey!  What’s up?  I’m Bongo! I’m a 1.5 years old, neutered Dal-Lab mix.  I’m seriously chill.  I get along with everyone… small dogs, big dogs, small hoomans, and adult hoomans.  I need a home: a really great place to live…… so hit me up if you’d like me to come hang out with y’all.

Notes from Bongo’s short-term foster:  “He is an awesome, fun, loving, gentle, sweet, warm, kind, and cuddly dog who is oozing with a need to give and receive affection. He would make a great companion dog, or family dog. He was a bit stressed when he got here, but seems to assimilate in a new environment fairly quickly. He has a very easy going disposition and good manners. He’s also exceptionally smart.”  More extensive observations from the short-term foster are available, upon request.

(Submit a foster or adoption questionnaire for Bongo at the website.  Bongo is located in Southern California, currently.)


Status: ✔ Adopted 

Hi, my name is Buddy (like the Elf)! I’m hoping to find my forever home. Here’s what you need to know about me: Firstly, I’m very cute. Secondly, I’m in great health: no medical conditions, I can see, hear, and sniff really well. I’m also neutered and up-to-date on all my vaccinations. I am a Long-haired Liver Spot Dalmatian and I’m house-trained, but I think I might need a quick refresher course… it won’t take long. I like other dogs once I’m introduced to them properly and get to know them. However, I don’t like cats… I mean, I really don’t like cats (nothing personal).  So, if you think you could be my hooman, please make sure you don’t have a cat. Other than that, I get along well with older kids, but the little ones make me nervous.


Status: ✔ Adopted

Angel is about one year old and is sweet, timid, and gets along very well with other dogs and cats. She was rescued from a backyard breeder, where she already had a litter of puppies. Because of that, she’s a little cautious about being inside the house and may not have lived inside much before now.  She was also not treated well, so she is afraid of certain things.


Status: ✔ Adopted

Hi I’m Frankie. I’m a 3Ib Australian Cattle dog. My owner relinquished me and it made me sad; but humans say that thing happen for a reason, perhaps that’s true. After all somebody lovely has come along and my adoption is pending. I will woof if anything changes.


Status: ✔ Adopted

Hi, my name is CC short for Cookies n Cream. I am 3 years old. I have two heart spotted eyes, and I’m deaf. Which make me a bit unique. I’m a really loyal companion but I need to be the only dog and I don’t really want to hang out with children under 8. Oh, and I don’t care for cats, birds or chickens. I’m fine with dogs at doggie day care or at the dog park, but when I’m at home I want to be the only fur baby. I am spayed, microchipped and vaccinated. I am house trained, and my manners are impeccable. Her ideal home would be as an only dog, and no young children under 8 years of age. She has been around children that age and above. No cats, chickens, birds or other small animals. CC has a high prey instinct. FUN FACT: like to run and play with other dogs and gets the zoomies.


Status: ✔ Adopted

Hi! I’m Milo! I’m 11 months old. The shelter says I’m a COVID puppy – meaning I was who purchased without forethought of what would happen when the pandemic was waning, and now my hoomans have returned to work and don’t have the time to look after me.

I am housebroken, neutered, microchipped and up to date on vaccinations. I and get along with other dogs. I don’t know if I like cats as I’ve never met any. Because I am young, big and I love zoomies, It’s better if I’m not in a home with young children who could easily be knocked over or jumped on.


Status: ✔ Adopted

Hi everyone, my name is Panda and I’m a one-year-old Terrier and I’m neutered! Now, I love people and larger dogs, but I have a problem with cats… I really don’t like them. I’m not sure if I like small dogs, but it’s probably smart if my forever home doesn’t have small dogs, cats, rabbits etc living there. So if you don’t have small animals, you love my ears and you promise to love and care for me…then I’d like to meet you.


Status: ✔ Adopted

Hi, my name is MAC and I’m 5 1/2 years old. My dad had to move in to assisted living and I couldn’t go with him. We’re both heartbroken. I’m a gentle boy who is shy at first. I just want to be part of a family. I get along with other dogs and children. I’m not sure about cats as I haven’t met any.


Status: ✔ Adopted

Hi, my name is Dakota and I just moved to San Diego so my foster mom could care for me.

I am 9 years old and a strong, sturdy girl weighing in at 70Ibs. I wear my weight very well because I’m a Huskey-Boxer mix. People tell me I’m remarkably sweet and very gentle, and I am! I’m also house trained so I know how to behave. I love being around people, I find car rides thrilling, I never say no to a treat and I love naps, preferably with people. Even though I’m a mature dog I like to play. I believe you’re never too old to play. I’m not sure yet how I feel about children and cats because I haven’t spent any time with them, but I do like other dogs, as long as they respect my space.

I’m looking for someone kind to care for me and welcome me in to their family. Are you the hooman for me?


Status: ✔ Adopted (Sanctuary)

Hi! My name is Duke and I’m living in a safe sanctuary. I’m about 8 years old and 70 lbs. I’m neutered. I was found as an emaciated stray puppy and I’ve lived the last several years in a backyard, sleeping in a garage at night, and now I really want to find a home where I can sleep inside and be part of my hooman family. Because of my background, I lack a bit of etiquette and social grace but, I have been trained, I do really well on walks and with all the basic commands. Sleeping in a crate inside at night makes me feel really safe, but when I come out I love belly rubs.

I really need a kind human who has lots of experience of helping dogs like me and has the time and attention necessary to work with me.

I’m not good with other dogs or children, even older ones. I know I’m not shining in a positive light, but I believe it is important to be honest. If it’s just us, I’ll be the best companion ever.

I appreciate you might not want to adopt me before getting to know me, so I’m happy to stay with you as a foster and then if we like each other, I’ll stay with you forever.


Status: ✔ Adopted

Cleo is a surrender from her owners who could no longer take care of her. She is a pure bread, 2.5 years old. Cleo is deaf.

She was an only dog in her prior home; that coupled with her deafness resulted in extreme separation anxiety. Now in foster care, with a spotted brother and sister, she has blossomed.

Due to her deafness, and the history her surrendering family provided us, Cleo will need to be adopted into a home where there are other canine companions and a human home all the time. If left alone, she has severe separation anxiety and barks non-stop.

Cleo will also need a home who is patient and willing to train her as her prior owners did not put in any time for basic training due to her deafness; this means her adoptive family will need to learn some basic sign language to assist in her training. She needs a yard for paying and prefers to be inside with family.

She is NOT cat friendly with a high prey drive.


Status: ✔ Adopted

Oliver is approximately 55 pounds, born in November of 2017. He is currently finishing his vetting with shots, micro-chipping and neutering. His original owners are no longer able to care for him.

He is an alpha-male but does get along with other females. He has energy and is protective of his food if other animals are around.


Status: ✔ Adopted

Persia is approximately 3 years old. She has beautiful blue eyes is NOT deaf and weighs 67 pounds.

Persia’s foster mom tells us that she is as loving and obedient as they come. Every morning she greets you by wiggling her entire body. She is living with a pack of fur-buddies in foster care in San Diego.

Persia gets along with all the dogs, ranging in size from 45-75 lbs, ages 2-14, both female & male. She is learning to play with the other dogs and has learned a few basic commands. She loves roaming around the backyard, and can easily entertain herself. She’s easy to train as she only wants to please you.


Status: ✔ Adopted

HELLO! I’m Wesley and I live in Southern California – San Diego. I am 2 years old and I’m looking for a loving home. People say I’m a sweet, sensitive and loving boy. My foster family wrote a report all about me… here goes:

“Wesley will rock your world! He is 2 years old, 50 lbs of energy with a dash of charm. His markings are striking, complete with a ½ black and ½ white tail. He loves all people and quickly bonds to humans. He is currently fostered with Pongo in San Diego, and did well meeting the other medium to large size dogs that permanently reside in his foster home.

He loves to give his humans hugs and kisses and holds on tightly. He is very playful and needs an active single or couple to take him on walks, runs and playtime. Wesley is just a happy-go-lucky dog who follows the pack. So far he has been doing very well in his foster home. He will need positive reinforcement training once he settles in his new forever home. He wants every bit of love and attention that you have to give. Overall, he is the sweetest, most loyal dog you could ask for. He likes to have skin to skin contact when settling in for the night and everyone is asleep. He is a snuggle bunny and very affectionate.

He has not been introduced to young children, cats or small dogs yet. Showed curiosity when he saw some feral cats but did not react as strongly as his foster housemate Pongo.”

Loves treats, loves to play.
Give him a pillow to sleep with, seems to settle him down quietly.
House trained.
Answers to a whistle.