Prepping Your Pet and Home for a Pet Sitter

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Written by Jessica Brody

Vacations are a great way to relax and explore, but when you have pets, it can be hard to leave them behind. Hiring a pet sitter is an excellent option that allows your furry friend to stay in the comfort of their home while you’re away. To ensure everything runs smoothly and your pet is well taken care of, here are some tips for preparing for a pet sitter before taking off on your trip.

Finding and Vetting Candidates

The first step in finding the right pet sitter is to do research online. Look through reviews and check references before making any decisions. Make sure to interview potential candidates so that you can get an idea of their experience level and how they will interact with your pet.

What to Provide for Your Pet Sitter

Once you’ve found the perfect candidate, make sure they have all the necessary supplies such as food, treats, toys, and leashes if needed. It’s also important to provide detailed instructions regarding your pet’s care including feeding times, exercise routines, and medical needs (if any). This will help ensure that your pet is taken care of properly while you’re away from home.

Pet Care Protocols

Establish certain times for your pet sitter to visit each day so that it helps reduce stress or anxiety during their time apart from you. It’s also important to establish protocols for emergency situations such as what animal hospital should be used in case of illness or injury. Having these protocols established ahead of time will help keep everyone safe and prepared in case anything unexpected happens while you’re away on vacation.

Reducing Your Pet’s Stress and Anxiety 

Establishing set times for your pet sitter to visit can greatly reduce your pet’s stress and anxiety. Pets thrive on routine, so having a consistent schedule for feeding, playtime, and bathroom breaks can help them feel more secure. By communicating these set times with your pet sitter, they can work around your pet’s schedule and avoid unexpected interruptions that could cause stress or anxiety. This will also allow your pet to develop a bond with their sitter, making future visits more comfortable and enjoyable.

Keeping Your Home Secure

While traveling, be sure to stay vigilant in safeguarding your home. Set up timers for lights and enlist a friend or neighbor to make the occasional visit so that it appears as if you’re still around even when away. If extra safety measures are needed, consider investing in an advanced security system equipped with cameras – this way you can keep track of activity at all times while on vacation.

Ensuring You Have Plenty of Quality Pet Food On Hand

If you’re a pet owner, one of your top priorities is making sure your furry friend is well-fed and healthy. That’s why it’s important to ensure that you always have plenty of quality pet food on hand. It’s also worth considering high-quality options that use natural ingredients and are free from fillers and artificial additives. If you want the best for your pet, this option deserves a look.

Introducing Your Sitter and Pet 

Finally, introduce your sitter and pet a few days before departing on vacation so they can get comfortable with one another beforehand since this transition period can often be stressful on both parties involved (especially pets!). Additionally, take the time to show your sitter around the house and point out all the important details such as where to find supplies and emergency contacts. This way they can get acquainted with each other prior to being left alone together which should help ease any anxieties.

With proper preparation and planning, anyone interested in hiring a professional pet sitter while taking a trip can rest assured knowing their furry friends are well taken care of back at home. By taking steps like reducing your pet’s stress, introducing your pet sitter and pet beforehand, and feeding your pet high-quality food, you will be able to enjoy your vacation and come back home to a happy and healthy pet.

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