Become a Foster

Our Dals are rescued from a myriad of sources including, but not limited to animal shelters across all counties of Southern California and parts of Mexico; posted advertisements on Craigslist (or other medium); those who have been abandoned on the streets; and sometimes from other states where we have collaborative rescues in Texas and Colorado for example.

Fostering is a great step to determining if the Dalmatian life-style is for you. It’s also a wonderful way to give your time as a volunteer all from the comfort of your home.

Foster Questionnaire & Application

Please fill out the Save the Dals Foster Application, and email it to

What's in a Rescue?


Our Board Members and volunteers are constantly scouting and scouring for Dalmatians in need.   We cast a wide net of resources and when we discover a Dal who has been hurt, injured, abandoned, discarded, or in need of re-homing, we act fast.

Due to logistics and transportation costs, Save the Dals generally place our rescued dogs in the Southern California area.  However, we accept applications from anywhere.  If it is determined to be a good fit for both the adopter/foster and the Dal, Save the Dals considers placing the K-9 outside of California.


Dogs who have been dumped at shelters and/or abandoned by their owners in other unspeakable ways (including physical and mental abuse) suffer tremendous emotional stressThese beloved animals are incapable of understanding what they did to end up where they are.  They cry and pine for their owners; and even become despondent and hopeless.  It is estimated that thousands of Dalmatians entered Southern California’s shelters in 1998 alone, and only about 5% of them were adopted. The rest were regrettably and sadly euthanized.  

So, by the time we are ready to step in and help, a lot of work has to go into the rescue of a single dog.  It’s an elaborate dance to coordinate the recovery.  Location, location, location!  Depending on where the Dal is located, we use our networking to arrange for one or more of our volunteer rescuers (and sometimes volunteers from collaborating rescues) to rescue the Dal from its current locale into the safety and care of Save the Dals.  Rescue knows no schedule.  Our rescues happen in the mornings, evenings, and weekends.  To say our volunteers go above and beyond doesn’t do justice.  


Once the details of the rescue have been arranged and the Dal has made it into the safety of our net, vetting takes place.  The majority of the time we have little background and history of our new furry friend.  Without prior veterinary records we can never assume that the dog has been well cared for and frankly, if we are rescuing them, odds are, they have been sorely neglected.  Our Dals receive A+ veterinary attention by one of our caring and loving veterinarians.  This includes a full physical, and blood and urine panels.  If there are any medical issues that need addressing, they are attended to until such time the dog is in good physical condition, at which time it can undergo spaying/neutering and micro-chipping. 


After vetting, our Dals enter “foster care.”  We have a panel of volunteer foster families, however, we are always in need of more!  Our foster parents provide the love, attention and support our fur babies need during the transition to their furever home.  Fostering is an important aspect of the ultimate adoption process. It’s a time where the dog decompresses from the confusion surrounding the activities in the days preceding its rescue, as well as allowing our foster parents to get to know the personality of its newest (albeit temporary) family member.  Getting to know our pooches is hugely important when it comes time to place them up for adoption.  For example, we need to know how the dog interacts with other animals and people, including children; or if the dog is trained and well behaved, or needs obedience training and/or socialization.


Our ultimate goal is the right fit.  It isn’t enough to have an applicant who wants a Dal; or have a Dal who needs a home.  We want to create a coupling that will last a lifetime!  The right dog for the right domicile.  We look at the canine’s personality, age, physical condition and needs to ensure a great fit with the right people.  

What Does Fostering Mean?

Open Your Heart

Be a part of helping give a second chance to a pet in need.

Open Your Home

Provide a loving transitional home to a Dal searching for its furever home.