Adopt a Dal Who Needs a Furever Home

Do You Have the Time & Energy for a Dalmatian?

Dalmatians benefit from obedience training, exercise, love and affection.  They are often referred to as “Velcro dogs!” Over-worked parents with young children may not be in a position to handle the additional workload of a Dalmatian.

Do You Have the Space for a Dalmatian?

Dalmatians need a home with a fenced yard to play in, and in some instances, another canine companion (spots not required!). Dalmatians should never be left in the backyard all the time as their short coats do not provide adequate protection for chilly nights, even with a doghouse. They need, and crave, to be indoors with their families.

Will You Make a Long-Term Commitment?

You should not adopt a Dalmatian (or any other dog) unless you are willing and able to make the commitment to keep the dog its entire life (on average 12-15 years).   

Do You Have the Finances for a Dalmatian?

All well-cared for pets have expenses associated with their love and care. Owning a dog means annual medical check-ups and vaccinations; grooming; and dietary considerations as some Dalmatians may require special or even prescription food.

"Yes" to All? Then Let's Get Started!

1. Download and complete our Adoption Questionnaire (pdf) or Adoption Questionare (docx).

2. Return it via e-mail to

You can expect to hear from one of our Board Members within 48 hours of your application submission.


Save the Dals is a non-profit organization which incurs costs which typically far exceed the adoption fee charged.  

These costs include, but are not limited to, shelter adoption fees we pay to safely rescue the dog; vaccination fees; spaying/neutering costs; boarding fees while the dog is in veterinary care; microchip fees; and food.  

Adoption fees fall in the range of $450+. The actual adoption fee will vary from dog to dog, depending on the age of the Dal, and the overall expenses our non-profit has incurred in connection with the dog’s rescue.